(My sister and I go into a retail store in Tokyo. I am 6”1 and she is 5”.)

Cashier: Hello, can I help you?

Me: I’d like…

Cashier: Oh my God, you look sooooooo pretty!

(My sister blushes.)

Sister: Err…thanks.

Cashier: I am so going to put make-up on you and make you look like a kitty!

Sister: Listen, I don’t like people touching me, so just leave it.

Cashier: You stupid, fat little bitch cow! I’ll slap you so hard you’ll get scars, you stupid bitch fucking whore!

(She reaches over the till and proceeds to strangle my sister’s throat and lifting her off the ground and over the counter.)

Cashier: I know how to fight you know! You are a fucking ugly stupid fat little cow who has spotty boobs!

Me: (reaching over to pull her off) Don’t you dare touch my sister or I’ll hit you in the head!

(The cashier lets go and grabs a SAMURAI SWORD from under the counter and waves at us threateningly and still swearing.)

Cashier: Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch!

(She then begins to stand on the counter, making gestures at us. The glass cracks beneath her and she screams as we ran off. I have never been back there since.)

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