Jacksonville, Fl

(I work in the preschool on Sunday mornings. I am the youngest worker, 22, while everyone else is 50 or up. I am sitting in the 1 year old room.)

Other teacher, (70 years old): >busts in the door in a huff and throws a remote control at me< “Fix it!”

Me: What’s wrong?

Other teacher: “We’re trying to show the kids a VBS video and it’s all in Spanish!”

(I go to check the tv, and not only had they she managed to switch it to Spanish, but she didn’t have the cords plugged in AND it was the wrong remote.)

Hotel bar

Louisiana, USA

(I decide to purchase a cocktail for myself while waiting for my friends. The female bartender brings me my drink. Note: I used to wait tables and tend bar, so I usually tip generously.)

BARTENDER: That’ll be $4.25.

(I hand her a $10 bill and she hands me five ones back. I wait a few moments, somewhat incredulous. Then I catch her attention.)

ME: Excuse me, but this isn’t the correct change. I can gave you $10 for a $4.25 drink.

BARTENDER: Oh, did you want your coin change, too?

(Needless to say, I got the rest of my change and I did not tip that evening.)



(At my store, we are not allowed to ring up friends or family members. If a friend or family member comes up to our till, we are supposed to politely explain that we cannot serve them and ask them to move to another till. One day, the following ensues:)

Manager: (Walks over to me with a tag for a game buyback) “I need you to cash out this buyback.”

Me: “Okay.” [I look down at the tag and immediately recognize the last name listed on the tag]

Me: “Umm, I can’t do this…it’s my boyfriend.”

Manager: (Angrily) “You can’t *do* it?”

Me: “No, it’s my boyfriend.”

Manager: [Grabs tag from me and opens another till].

(My boyfriend comes through my line:)

Me: “Hey hun…”

Boyfriend: “Hey sweetheart.”

Me: “Hey, store policy says I’m actually not supposed to ring you up, so would you mind coming over to this other register? We have your buyback stuff over here.”

Boyfriend: “Ok.”

(My boyfriend goes over to the other register and the manager rings him out. After my boyfriend leaves, the following happens:)

Manager: “So why couldn’t you ring him up?”

Me: “…because he’s my boyfriend….”

Manager: “Ok…so?”

Me: “So I thought we weren’t supposed to ring up friends and family members.”

(The manager walks away in a huff and doesn’t say anything. He always tried to get me in trouble for everything. Needless to say…I got another job a few months later).



(My boss is explaining a new promotion that is going on with our credit card applications and trying to figure out how to improve my numbers)

Boss: “So they get [amount] off if they apply for a [store] credit card and get approved. Even if they don’t get approved, we will still give them [smaller] amount off just for applying.

Me: “Is that for every customer?”

Boss: “Yes. As long as their purchase is at least [larger sum of money from the promotion] before tax, then I’d approve it.”

Me: “Okay, but this coupon says that the financing offer is only valid on purchases of [even larger amount] or more.”

Boss: “Look, we do it this way all the time. We’re not supposed to, but we do, because that’s the only way to get apps. Corporate knows we do it this way, so….”

Me: “Okay…”

(I did it that way, but I didn’t like it. It did improve my numbers, but I always felt bad about it.)

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