This happened to my boyfriend. Here in the Netherlands we have a french-fry specialty called a ”war-fry”, which is fries with mayo, peanut sauce and chopped unions. The name is kind of a lame joke, but there never has been any controversy about it, even considered it’s official name and every snackbar has it as ‘war-fry’ on the menu.

Boyfriend: “I would like to have a war-fry, and a meatball please “

Employee: *angrily* “It’s not called a war-fry. I’t’s a peace-fry!”

Boyfriend: “What? Are you serious? It’s known everywhere as a war-fry.”

Employee: “Don’t care, i’ts called a peace fry! War is bad!”

Boyfriend: “Whatever.”
He thinks no more of it and awaits his order. He only gets the meatball

Boyfriend.”Excuse me, but I also ordered a war-fry.”

Employee: “Like i told you, it’s a PEACE fry! And you won’t get anything unless you call it a PEACE fry!”

Boyfriend: “I’ts a damn WAR FRY and it always been called a WAR FRY! And I don’t even want my WAR FRY anymore and you can shove my WAR FRY up your ass for all I care! And now I want my money back for the WAR FRY I never received.

Employee: “You can’t have it! It’s called a PEACE fry! You hear me? PEACE!

My boyfriend stood up and left, while the employee was still yelling PEACE FRY all over the place.



(At the hotel I work, corporate gives us a score in each field. The maintenance field has gotten a zero. I suspect it’s because of the full time worker, who is very lazy and avoids fixing anything. The other part time maintenance worker is the opposite. The GM calls a staff meeting.)

GM: “These scores are terrible! A zero?! We must pick them up or else!”

Part time Worker: “Yes sir!”

Full time Worker: *texting on phone* “Yeah. Whatever.”

(He kept up this uncaring attitude and I took the GM aside.)

Me: “Why don’t you fire him?”

GM: “I can’t! Do you know how hard it is to find a maintenance man? Plus, he’s been working here for sixteen years!”

(He still works there. Fortunately, the GM yelled at the lazy worker until he finally shaped up.)

Grocery Store

Lynnwood, WA

My girlfriend and I had sandwiches made in the deli, but we unwrapped and ate them before I paid for it because the check-out lines were extremely long.

My girlfriend ripped the bar code from her sandwich’s sticker before I had a chance to tell her I hadn’t paid for them yet.

Finally, we go to pay but line is still long, and it’s because the only cashier, a middle-aged woman, is wearing a fuzzy tiny mustache and acting silly and gabbing excessively with each customer.

We are visibly annoyed at the long wait and while I appreciate the sentiment of a fun cashier, waiting 5-7 minutes in one line is a bit much.

Cashier: Oh! I see you enjoyed your sandwiches already!

(she scans the first sandwich wrapper and the drink bottles we got.)

Cashier: Do you like my mustache? I wore it about a month ago and my co-workers still bring it up! So I got another one and decided to wear it today!

Me: (being polite) haha, yeah, that’s great (the cashier is trying to scan the ripped-in-half bar code and then bends over it and carefully tries to put the two halves of the wrapper against each other to complete the bar code. It’s not going well)

Me: That’s probably not going to work. You can just try to scan the top half, since it’s a bar code and the scanner only needs to read the top or bottom half (she scoffs and quickly tries to get the reader to read the top half, but it doesn’t work. She goes back to trying to combine the bar codes, not seeming to grasp the concept)

Me: Shann. (reading from her name tag). Stop. we’ve been here for a very long time waiting to check out. Can you maybe scan the other sandwich again or type the number in manually?

Cashier: Oh! Sure thing.

(she scans the 1st sandwich again and finishes ringing up the rest of our groceries)

Cashier: This mustache is tickley, I keep wanting to touch it.

Me: Y’know, I’ve been really patient, and I appreciate your sense of humor and being extremely nice, but I just need to get going and I’ve been given the slowest lines I’ve ever had at a [Grocery Store]. It’s been a really bad experience.

Cashier: (barely caring) Oh, that’s not good, I’m sorry. My mustache has just been a lot of fun to have on today!

Me: (I don’t reply, take my bags and we leave as quickly as possible)

Fast Food


I make biscuits on the weekends at a busy fast food place. This takes place just a few weeks ago.

Manager: I can’t believe it. We just had a guy come in and ask what kind of bread our sausage biscuits come on….

Me: *rolling out more biscuit dough* That would kinda make sense if he asked about the (popular breakfast sandwich that comes on sourdough bread), but not a sausage biscuit. I mean hello… sausage BISCUIT?

Me: *after several minutes of us both laughing up a storm* Have you ever heard of not always working? Cause this is going there.

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