Convenience Store


I am giving my friend a ride back to his house and we stop at a convenience store.  We both get in line, although there is one other guy that is standing in line in between us..  I finish checking out and am standing by the door waiting for my friend to finish checking out when the following exchange occurs.

Cashier:  Are you waiting for him? *gesturing to the man that was between us in line*

Me:  No.  Actually I’m waiting for him.  *goes to stand by friend* Cashier (to other man):  It’s a good thing that she wasn’t with you.  She didn’t look too into you.  Or maybe she did.  I can’t tell.

(Meanwhile I hadn’t paid any attention to the other guy until the cashier started this conversation with me.)


Geneva, Switzerland

I’ve ordered a taxi to take me and my cat to the vet. The vet is quite far, my cat hates travelling, and it’s raining. The driver has been chatty and ok, till he starts giving me a bunch of unsolicited opinions.

Taxi driver: So why do you go to that vet? There are others much closer! You should go to the Sunchandsuch Clinic!

Me: Ok, sure (not intending to change my vet!)

TD “sounding annoyed”: And how many cats do you have anyway?

Me: Huh, two.

TD “still annoyed”: But how many is the most you’ve ever had?

Me: Two. (No, I’m not the crazy cat lady!)

TD: When you’re finished at the vet, take the tram!

Me: Sure (if he doesn’t want my business, he won’t get it)

I was intending to call a taxi again, but I was amazed.

He humphs and stops talking for a while, much to my relief. For once, I was quite happy to take the tram back home. 

Fabric store


We’ve had a busy few days, I am serving one customer at one counter, my co-worker is at another, she goes off to measure fabric on the roll for the customer.

I finish with my customer, check with her customer to make sure she was being served and then start to leave the counter area when another customer comes up. 

I ask her if I can help her and spend a few minutes with her discussing what she needs fabric for, giving her advice and talking her into replacing the cheap calico with a better quality product.  Another customer comes up and says that she wanted to listen in as one of the techniques I was discussing was new to her. 

Co-worker comes back, pretty much yelling at me for wasting time with Customer number one and demanding I serve the other customer at the counter, another one had just arrived. 

Me “But this lady was the next the next customer”

Co-worker  *still ranting “just serve these customers and stop wasting time with this one”

Customer 2 *to customer 1 “you were first, go ahead”

Customer 1 “no you go I have a lot of fabric to cut”

I noticed Customer 1 wander off and before long a line had developed, when she came back she just stood to the side and let everyone go ahead, Customer 3 had a lot of fabric and I was stuck dealing with her.  Customer 1 just stood to the side letting all the other customers go over to my co-worker, I realised that she may have been scared to go.  Finally she was the only one left and another co-worker tried directing her to the other counter but she refused to go.  She waited til I was finished serving before coming to me.

I don’t really blame her as while I was serving I could hear co-worker being extremely rude to customers, even telling them to go away. I was fuming.

Later on Co-worker came up to me

Co-worker “I think I owe you an apology”

Me “hmmm”

Co-worker “I shouldn’t have had a go at you like that in front of customers but you spent too long with her and she’s just a time waster, she’s been here all morning”.

Me “well I didn’t know she was here all morning and she was next in line and the next customer had stated she was interested in hearing what I was telling her”.

Co-worker, “I didn’t know that” then went on a rant how I wasting time with a time waster customer, when she had been serving her 1 customer and pretty much pulling a power trip on me, even though we are fellow supervisors, just making sure she let me know she was my superior today.

Me “hmmm some apology”

I was so p*ssed I went for a frustration cry in the toilet.  Mind you the “time waster” customer spent almost $200 including the extras I had recommended. 



(My manager, coworkers and I are all very close and laid back when there’s no one around. In case anyone doesn’t know, K-pop stands for the Korean pop music genre, and it’s all my manager listens to.) Coworker #1: *bounces into work* “Guess what! I MET JUSTIN BIEBER LAST WEEK!”

Manager: *deadpan* “You’re fired.”

Me: “Ha! That’s what you get, [coworker]! Though I can’t really talk. I downloaded a bunch of Miley Cyrus songs the other day.”

Manager: “Ugh! You’re fired too!”

Coworker 2: *looks to manager* “Without them we may as well just pack up and go home.”

Manager: *laughs* “I’d be okay with that. I have a bunch of K-pop waiting for me!”

Coworker #1 and I: “You’re fired!”

Manager: *fakes a sad face and shuffles away* (I love my job.)

Doctor’s Office

Greensboro, NC

My father has called to arrange an appointment ahead of time for me to visit a clinic that also offers standard physician services. The person answering the phone informs us that we do not need to make an appointment, and could not guarantee we would see the same doctor every time. We go that afternoon, and after waiting two hours I finally see a nurse.

Nurse: So what are you here for today?

Me: Just a standard physical.

Nurse: Oh! They have you down as an illness. Why didn’t you just ago across the street?

Me: What?

Nurse: The main doctor’s office is across the street. You could have made an appointment there. This is supposed to be for emergencies. They would have seen you faster and you’d have less chance of getting sick.

Me: On the phone they didn’t mention that. They said just to come in and that we couldn’t make an appointment.

Nurse: Did you tell them what it was for?

Me: Yes.

Nurse: Well, if you haven’t been here before, you do have to come here to establish care to see a doctor.

Me: I’ve been here before. Let me guess, if I go across the street, I can also see the same doctor every time?

Nurse: Of course! We can’t guarantee if you have an emergency and come here that they’ll be available, but if you make an appointment across the street, you’ll see them every time.

Me: *facepalm*

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