The Metro Richmond Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums

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The Metro Richmond Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums is a ceremonial and entertainment bagpipe band that has celebrated Irish and Scottish Highland culture in the Richmond, VA area since 2011. We play at events across the Mid Atlantic Area, including local Celtic and Irish festivals, funerals, fundraisers, and more.

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Drum Major John Buturla

John Buturla served the public for the nearly 39 years in law enforcement, homeland security, and city administration. Originally from Connecticut, he eventually came to Richmond, where he continued to serve the public until his retirement in 2017. Since his retirement, Buturla has had the honor of serving as Drum Major for the MRPES Pipes & Drums.

Pipe Major Mike McCann

Mike McCann is a founding member of the MRPES Pipes & Drums and the band's current Pipe Major, as well as a Grade III solo competitor in the EUSPBA. A 1st Sergeant with the Virginia State Police, Mike serves on the VSP Honor Guard and has served as Pipe Major for the Virginia State Police Pipes and Drums since its inception.

Drum Sgt. Natalie Eckenrode

Natalie needs to get her act together and write a bio for this website. Fortunately, she is a decent drummer and serves as the Drum Sergeant for the MRPES Pipes & Drums.

Pipe Sgt. Jodie Warren

Jodie Warren has served in law enforcement since 1994. These days he is a Lieutenant with the Prince George Country Police Department and a Major in the Virginia National Guard. Jodie is a Grade IV Senior Piper in the EUSPBA and serves as Pipe Sergeant for the MRPES Pipes & Drums.