Ice cream store

Ontario, Canada

(When I was 15, my dad remarried a woman who had a son 10 years older then me. Shortly after we became brother and sister, my brother decided to treat me to an ice cream. Note: I am white while my brother is Japanese)

Worker: and what can I get you, sir?

Brother: oh, a mint chocolate chip for me, and a snow cherry for the young lady.

Me: thanks. (Grabs his hand affectionately)

Lady: aww! Are you babysitting her?

Brother: oh, no she’s my…

Lady: you f****** pedophile!

Brother: excuse me?

Lady: you people disgust me! You pray on young girls, kidnap them and destroy their lives! She’s going to be scarred for life!

Brother: she’s my sister!

Lady: bull! She’s Caucasian! You’re just Aisan! (Climbs over counter and grabs my brother) We’re going to the back room! I am calling the cops!

Brother: I swear! She’s my little sister!

(At this point, my dad comes in)

Dad: hi *me* hi *brother*… What are you doing to my stepson?

Lady: stepson?

*she wound up letting him go without apologizing. We wound up going to their competitor. We never went back*



My daughter has just gotten done with an MRI where she had to be sedated. As a treat we take her out to lunch and let her get a Shirley Temple. We have lunch as normal and pay the check when this happens. (Note she’s 7 at the time)

Daughter: May I have another refill so I can take it home please?

Server: Sure thing, let me get that for you.

Daughter: Thank you so much!

She then says she has to use the restroom and as she is going down the hallway she passes the manager and bumps her on the way though.

Daughter: Excuse me please. Sorry I bumped into you. I had an MRI today and the stuff they use to make me sleep makes me a little woozy.

Manager: No problem and excuse me too.

She comes back and we realize that they are taking an awfully long time to get that refill. Just as we are about to get up and leave the server and the manager come up and give her a large to go cup instead of the kids one and a cookies from the desert menu and hand them to my daughter.

Daughter: Wait all this is for me?!

Manager: Yup. We have never seen any child who has been as polite as you! Usually it’s just yell and whine and I want this now. Thank you so much for making us realize that there are still some good parents out there.
*Looks at my husband and myself* and the cookies are to make you less “woozy”.

Daughter: Well thank you so much!

The best part of the day for us was when she realized that not only did they give her the big sized drink, but like 12 cherries as well.

Thank you to the manager and the server who made daughter’s day after a hard appointment.

College, Cafeteria

Pembroke, NC, USA

(I’m in line in the caf, looking at what’s available. I don’t eat meat, and don’t like spicy peppers, but it looks like there’s bell pepper bits in with the green beans.)

Server 1: What can I getcha?

Me: Uh, what’s the red stuff in with the beans?

Server 1: Bacon.

Server 2: *at the same time* Peppers.

(They turn to each other and start arguing.)

Me: You know what, never mind.

(I went to a different line and got pizza instead.)

Government Office

England, UK

(I work for the government, and my boss asked me to learn a language as part of my work. After spending well over 20 hours a week learning it, making notes, buying learning aids etc. I have finally sat down at my desk with all the work)

Boss: “You don’t get out much, do you?”



As art of my job I have taken on the responsibility of running a department, co-worker 1, 2 3 & 4 have all tried and failed, some lasted two months some lasted two weeks.

Boss; You need to manage your team better.

Me; Whoa, hang on what did they do?

Boss; Well I err (tells me half a story about a minor, minor issue).

Me; Look I am not having this, every other week you bring me in here, having a go over nothing. If you don’t like the way I manage, maybe you should ask someone else.

Boss; (realising there is no one else, and suddenly turning friendly) Oh no no, its not like that, i’m sure you are doing a great job, just sort this issue out.

Me; …ok then.

(three weeks past)

Boss; (nearly shouting) Why can’t you get the job done?! what is so difficult,?! I used to manage a team three times the size.

Me; What? what is this about?

Boss; I was told that (worker 1) wasn’t there for his shift.

Mel Yes I gave compassionate leave.

Boss; You can’t do that, the line has to run, you tell him to stay.

Me; The law states otherwise.

Boss; The company makes its own laws, learn something.

(I made the decision to leave as he wouldn’t listen, I began my job search that day, and gave my notice an hour ago!)

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