Candle shop

Frankemuth, Mi

(My wife and I are customers in this situation.  We visit this shop everytime we are in town, but on this occasion there was a particularly persistent employee working.  This all happened as we browsed the candles in stock.  Also, my wife has a tattoo on her arm of Jesus on the cross)

Employee: Are you Christian?

My wife:…Yes, why?

Employee:Oh I see your tattoo, and wanted to make sure you really knew what it meant to be a Christian Me:Yes we understand, and she chose to have the tattoo anyway.  We’re non-denominational but we are Christians Employee:NON-DENOMINATIONAL? How can you say that? Have you been washed clean with the blood of the lamb?  I learned about God’s grace through trial and I have to be sure that if someone is pretending to be a Christian that they are being truthful to the Lord!

My wife:(mortified)…Yes I am a Christian, I know what it means, and I have been a Christian as long as I have been able to make the decision..

This went on for another 15-20 minutes with other customers needing help but her persisting to tell us about how we couldn’t be true Christians if we didn’t have a denomination etc etc.

Me:Well the Bible says for each man to seek out his own salvation with fear and trembling…so I guess that’s good enough for us.

Sandiwch Shop

San Diego CA

I frequented a popular chain sandwich shop for about 4 1/2, going at least once a week as it was very close to my work.  Most of the workers and the owner/manager recognize me.

Owner: Hey girl, six inch spicy toasted?

Me: Yes, please!  Oh, before I forget; I’ll probably only be in here one more time.

Owner: What, why?

Me: My husband and I are moving up North.

Owner: Well, we’ll miss you!

Me: I’ll miss you guys, too.  Everyone here is always so nice and friendly.

(A week passes and I head over for lunch on my last day of work)

Owner: Hey, today’s your last day isn’t it.

Me: Yup, we’re packing up the truck and leaving tomorrow!

Owner: Your total is $2.00

It takes me a moment to process the dramatically cheaper price but when I do he smiles and leans in

Owner: I had to charge for the water bottle, but your sandwich and chips are on me.

I thank him profusely and he comes around to give me a quick hug.  They really were one of the best branches of that shop I’d ever been to!  Miss those guys a lot.


Manchester, UK

(I was at a local supermarket, where I was using the self-checkout. As you may know, these self-service scanners tend to malfunction at awkward times. At this point, I saw an employee standing next to another self-checkout machine.)


The Netherlands

I’m returning a cheap ‘teenager branded’ eyeliner that was in fact as cheap as it looked.

Me: ‘Hi, I’d like to return this eyeliner.’

Cashier: ‘Eh, well, usually, we don’t return make-up,… but okay.’

Me: ‘I see. Well, I asked your customer service on Twitter this week, and they said I could.’

Cashier: ‘Right… well I’ll just process the return. You have the receipt?’

Me *hands over receipt.*

The receipt states 1 pack of earrings and 2x ‘make-up’, both priced €1,99. The cashier stares at the receipt, then rings the eyeliner up on her till as a return.

Cashier: ‘Here you go.’ *Hands me €1,39*

Me: ‘That’s not the amount I paid.’ *points at receipt. * Here, it says €1,99.’

Cashier: ‘That’s not how it rings up on my till. It says €1,39, so that’s what you get.’

At this point I sadly assume the cashier thinks I’m a teenage brat (I’m 30 but look young) trying to return a cheap item with the wrong receipt.

Me: ‘Listen, I bought this last saturday at your shop across the square. I paid €1,99 for it, so I’d like to get €1,99 back.’

Cashier: ‘I can’t do that. It rings up as €1,39. You should go to the shop across the square. On this receipt, I cannot see what you exactly bought.’

Me: ‘The receipt says no more than ‘make-up’, so neither can they.’

Cashier: ‘That’s right.’

Me: *grumpy* ‘You know, it’s only 30 cents. I’m going to cross the square and tell the same story again for only 30 cents. You can keep the change.’

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